Medical and Life science

Motion control for Microscopy

XY-Reader for Microscope stage – reading of both coordinates to a PC or any data acquisition system

Motorization of a standard manual Microscope – Add-on system allowing for motorization of XY-scanning or/and
z-motion (focusing) of the microscope stage


In Hematology laboratory the following procedures are treated by the AMS systems:

  • Peripheral blood testing ( includes the White Blood Cell Differential (WBCD) and Red Cell Analysis) – CMS-2-CS
  • Bone Marrow Testing – CMS-2-BM

New activities available with both systems:

  • Remote expertizing. CMS-2 is built as a platform for telemedicine applications. It enables the transfer of images collected on the CMS-2 station to a remote observer through the communication lines (LAN or Internet)
  • Comparative imaging. Up to 4 different galleries of cells or full fields of view pictures can be simultaneously observed on the screen, with no need for manipulating smears on the microscope stage
  • Quality Control and Teaching. Special software functions allows for effective training, results checking and editing. Ability for collecting selected images for lecturing and creating a computerized atlas.
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