About Us

AMS Ltd. exists since 1990 as a private company engaged in developing and manufacturing of advanced and sophisticated electro-optical systems based on imaging, image processing and spectral analysis.

MATAM-Scientific Industries Center,
Bldg. 22, Haifa, Israel, 3190500



  • Semiconductors industries – imaging and spectrometry systems for process control
  • Other HighTech – imaging and illumination systems for process monitoring and automatic inspection
  • Power generation and other General industries – imaging and measurement of heat transfer parameters athigh temperature environment
  • Medical and life science – computerized automatic and semiautomatic systems for labs and hospitals


AMS-Qi Inc. USA was established in 2012 to penetrate the Power generation and Semicondustors market and provide technical support and on-going service on the customer sites in USA and worldwide

Cambridge Innovation Center, One Broadway, 14th floor,
Cambridge, MA, USA, 02142

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