AMS Business Overview

Fields of expertizing

  • Automatic inspection and measurements in industrial environment
  • Spectroscopy
  • Laser-based systems
  • Heat transfer and Fouling in Power generation utilities
  • Motion control and motorized Microscopy in Medical applications
  • Computerized Imaging, image processing and pattern recognition


  • Optical design
  • Mechanical design for fine mechanics systems
  • Electronics design (control boards and sensors circuitry)
  • Design of special tooling and manufacturing Jigs
  • Software design (application oriented image processing and pattern recognition, programs for real time monitoring and analysis)


  • Development and manufacturing of DSP (Design- to – Spec) products
  • Manufacturing of BTP (Built-to-Print) products
  • Turn key solutions (design and manufacturing of comp,ete systems)
  • Technical support (spare parts fabrication and testing, failure analysis, experiments on the Customer sites etc.)
  • Technical service (theoretical analysis, measurement of critical optical parameters, adaptation of the products to the special needs of the Customer)

AMS Manufacturing

  • Assembling and testing of optical and fine mechanical systems in clean environment
  • Assembling of sensor circuitry on PCB
  • Fabrication of mechanical parts for prototypes and small series production
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